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Swallow Cafe Bushwick

10 Jan 2019 by Daphne

I needed to kill some time before the Free Tours by Foot Bushwick streetart tour started and stepped into the Swallow Cafe on Bogart Street.

What a great find! The place has a neighborhood feel and great decor. The furniture is a little of everything; a long rustic wooden table in the middle and smaller ones around it. With benches, metal chairs and old theatre seats.

I had the best (and first ever) Turmeric Chai Latte here. And the real friendly barista behind the counter said he'd gladly make me something else in case I did not like it.

I loved it!

I thought this painting on the door was so cute. And I did not get a full view of the awesome painting on the front of the cafe until after the streetart tour. Do go and check it out! The Swallow Cafe on 49 Bogart Street in Brooklyn.

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