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Coney Island. Famous for the Luna Park, the Boardwalk and Nathan's hotdogs. But there is more, like MCU Park - home of the Brooklyn Cyclones (baseball) - and a fantastic beach. Somewhat former glory but I enjoyed it.

Dream Big jersey Brooklyn Cyclones

At about 50 minutes out of Manhattan with the D, Q, N of F train and when you get there you don't feel like you're in New York at all. No more sirens, honking horns, smoke coming out of the street and no skyscrapers. The only "highrise" you see are the ferris wheel and the rollercoasters at the Luna Park and the screaming you'll hear come from out there.

MCU Park home of the Brooklyn Cyclones

We didn't go there for a rollercoaster ride - that kind of fun is behind us. We wanted to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play. A minor league baseball club in a stadium where you sit at close distance to where the action is (which was kind of scary now and then) and where a ticket does not cost a fortune. cool; since we were there on Jersey Thursday we got a one-size-fits-(not)-all baseball shirt for free.

Luna Park seen from MCU Park

It was a nice warm up for a night out. A Nathan's hotdog, nice cold beers, cheerleaders throwing eachother up in the air every now and then, the "7th inning stretch", the creaking of the wooden Cyclone and the rattling of the Thunderbolt that came by. Oh and ofcourse there was also baseball.

When we walked towards the Boardwalk we went past the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance. An impressive salut to the rescue workers killed at 09/11. Goosebump moment.....

Brooklyn's Wall of Remembrance

Coney Island is seasonal. Check it's opening hours and schedule of events here.

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