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Red Hook Rocks!

11 Aug 2017 by Daphne

Red Hook's Waterfront in Brooklyn really rocks! If you're into industrial, arty, raw and edgy then this is where you'll want to go! The neighbourhood is changing rapidly, real fast. In the past 2,5 years lots of little shops, restaurants and coffee places have come to this place. And there's Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie.

I heard about Red Hook when I was sitting in a bar in Brooklyn. Enjoying a beer after having biked all day (Manhattan Bridge - Central Park - East River - Brooklyn Bridge). I was taking a look at my map to see where all I had biked and someone pointed Red Hook out to me. I'm forever grateful to that person. She gave me a great NYC must do tip: the Fairway Supermarket. What? A supermarket? Yep!

The Red Hook Fairway is a popular place for dining out. You can get lobster rolls, sandwiches, salads and other prepared foods at their deli or cheese, yogurt or fruit at one of the specialty counters. And then comes the best part. Take it outside to one of the picnic tables and enjoy the glorious view of the Statue of Liberty, old warehouse buildings and the Skyline of Manhattan.

Fairway Supermarket

You can get to the Red Hook Fairway in many ways. By cab, the NYC Ferry, the IKEA ferry (also at Pier 11), or, my favourite, by bike. Which is a fun and easy trip when you start at the Brooklyn Bridge. Just follow the bikepath and keep the water on your right. The Brooklyn Bridge Park keeps getting better and better and there's always something going on. Enjoy the million dollar views of Manhattan's skyline. Smell the salty scent of the water. But keep an eye on the road aswell! Go on a nice sunny day and make sure you're a little bit hungry. Wander through the supermarket or go straight to the deli in the back, get yourself a supersandwich, sushi, a salad or just coffee. Make yourself comfortable outside and say hi to Lady L for me!

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