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Rolling Orange bikes

10 Oct 2014 by Daphne

One of our trips we biked through Brooklyn on a good old Dutch bike rented at Rolling Orange Bikes, run by Stella. The bikeride was a good way to loosen our legs after running 21K the day before.

Stella gave us a good map and a great bike. We really had wanted to rent a Bough Bike (a wooden bike designed by a company from The Netherlands) but decided that we'd rather spend the the extra money that that would cost on some drinks instead. Biking in Brooklyn is fun. It’s pretty big. And ofcourse we got a little lost, even with the map.

But that didn’t matter because this way we got to see even more. In the end we did everything on our "wanna-go-see-and-do” list, had a nice lunch at Zito's, stopped at an icetruck for yoghurt icecream, did a little shopping and finished the tour with a beer. Check here for our biketour in Brooklyn.

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