New York City Trippers


The Newyorkcitytrippers know how timeconsuming planning a citytrip to New York is. There is just so much information to be found. But what should you see? Where should you go? And perhaps even more important; are all the highlights and musts really your best experience in the city that never sleeps? So much to do, so little time …


New York is as transparant as it is incomprehensible. On one of our first visits to the city we spent a lot of time looking for the “musts" such as the Empire State Building. We saw its reflection in the overwhelming skyscrapers but found it difficult to actually get to it. And how do you get from A to B if you're not real good at reading maps? How long does it take you to walk that inch that you see on your map?


What should you consider when thinking about which musts should be checked off? New York City is hot. There is an unbelievable amount of travelguides mentioning the highlights. And there's a lot of info, sponsored or not, to be found on the internet. New York is so much more than the tourist attractions. The Newyorkcitytrippers know that and can tell you all about it, keeping you from having to spend hours and hours of research and wasting precious time.


Two enterprising and enthusiastic "ladies" who dare to say they're experts & experienced travelers in New York City. With an absolute passion for the city and a vast belief in ourselves. We wear jeans and sneakers, dresses and high heels. Are into yoga and running. Drink lattes and beer. We get our information from the “hip-hot-and-happening", the magazines, newspapers, worldfamous fashionistas and bloggers that travel all over the world. We check various sites which inform the locals about the upcoming events. And, not to forget, we check it out ourselves. We love to be in New York City. And our antennas are always pointed towards New York. Even when we are in Rotterdam to run the marathon.


The Newyorkcitytrippers are shabby chic. Like quality without being snooty. We like style and tastefully decorated bars and hotels, but not out of reach. We aim to keep our information up to date. If you notice anything that is not correct or outdated, please let us know. And do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything you wish to share, recommendations or constructive feedback. We love to hear from you. Mail to