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Union Square Green Market

09 Mar 2018 by Esther

We understand that you don’t feel like cooking your own meal when you're in New York for a couple of days only. And you really don’t need to either, because eating in New York can be cheap and healthy. More about that later. It is just so much fun, a visit to the Union Square Green Market.

Union Square Green Market

During peakseason some 140 local farmers, fishermen and bakers sell their stuff. Think of freshly picked fruits, homemade jellies, honey, fresh baked bread, pricewinning farmerscheeses, biological chocolate chip cookies and fresh vegetables, and you'll get the picture. There are also all sorts of activities like cookingdemos etc.

Union Square Green Market New York City

Visit the green "Market Information Tent" with the GrowNYC logo for a quick overview of what’s on display. Or just wonder around and take/get a taste of New York. Union Square, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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