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Moxy NYC Times Square

31 Jan 2019 by Daphne

Looking for a place to stay in New York City? Here's my review of the Moxy NYC Times Square, 485 7th Avenue, between 36th and 37th Street. I loved it from the moment I arrived there.

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - sink in room


7th Avenue, between 36th and 37th Street. Close to Times Square, Herald Square, Bryant Park and with a lot of subway stations around it. Great location!

The room

I had gotten an upgrade and was very pleased with my room. It had plenty of space and I loved the decor. The "No Diving" letters in the bathroom tiles - oh and a great shower - the foldable chairs and table hanging on the wall and the beanbag in the corner of the room. The bed was so comfy. But in all honesty, I'm not so sure if I would have found it comfy if I had to share it with someone else. It was in between two walls and against the window. Kind of a hassle to get out of bed without waking up that other person.

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - room

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - no diving in the bathroom

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - bathroom


The super central location. The great staff. The funky decor and the energy that flows through the place. The groovy and positive tunes in the elevator - I caught myself whistling along with De La Soul's "me myself and I" when I stepped out one time. The cool rooftopbar "Magic Hour" - I would have loved to have played some miniature golf but it was too cold when I was there - with awesome view on the Empire State - and Bar Moxy.


I could not find a charging station for my iphone. But that was quickly fixed after a stop at Jack's 99 cent store (around the corner) where I bought a US USB charger! That will come in handy on every NYC trip!

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - foldable furniture hanging on the wall

I noticed

The energy. From early in the morning to late at night the place and everything around it was on the go. I made good use of the earplugs that I found on my nightstand.

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - beanbagchair

The price

It is a budget boutique hotel with lots of style and class. I paid less than 100 euro a night and thought it was good value for money.

Check Moxy NYC Times Square for availability.

Moxy NYC Times Square hotel - Magic Hour rooftopbar

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