New York City Trippers

Yoga in Bryant Park

17 Aug 2018 by Esther

Oh how fun it is to perfect your downward facing dog in Bryant Park's lawn or upperterrace amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City. You can do that you know, every Tuesday morning or Thursday evening. And after a while you don't even hear the sirens, horn-honking cars and the buzz of the city.

Every year between May and September Bryant Park and Athleta organise free yogaclasses which take place weekly. The teachers are powered by Yoga Journal which means the classes are of high standard. The Bryant Park yoga teachers know their stuff and gladly share that with their public. A good intention, a suggestion to improve your pose, or perhaps a nice thought to take with you when you step off your mat.

More and more mats were placed on the floor ...

Together with some 300 other yogi's we enjoyed a wonderfull class by Danielle Diamond. Our main goal was to relax, have fun and stretch our muscles. All that Newyorkcitytripping had left us tired and sore.

The view from my mat.

The energy was awesome and we were really relaxed after Danielle's class despite all the pretty intense poses she talked us through. And if you think 300 yogi's is a lot you should really stop by there on a Thursday evening. We've heard that the numbers double or sometimes even tripple. Want to yoga along? Thanks to Bryant Park, Athleta and Yoga Journal the classes are free of charge and a mat is provided. All you have to do is sign up through the website of Bryant Park. But walk ins are also welcome.

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