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Times Square

03 Mar 2017 by Esther

Perhaps the best known square in the world and often referred to as "Crossroads of the World". In the midst of Manhattan, near 42nd street & Broadway. Think touristy, overwhelming, noisy, loud, neon signs, advertisements, billboards, flashylights & sirens and honking horns and you get the picture. Not our favourite area but you should go see it for sure! Take a seat on the bleachers (if only for the free wifi at the “visitor centre”) and just look around and absorb. And who might spot the Naked Cowboy.

Times Square is completely packed at New Year’s eve when a lot of people come to the square to see the ball drop along a 23 meter high flagpole on One Times Square Plaza. Millions of Americans follow this spectacle live in front of the television. The ball is there year round by the way. Look and you will find …There’s also a lot to do. To name a few: the M&M’s store, cinemas, bowling at Bowlmor Lanes with no less than 50 lanes (fifty!). There’s a Juniors with its “most fabulous” cheesecake, and plenty of other places to have something to eat and drink.

And Broadway (at the crossroad with 42nd street), well, there are musicals, musicals and musicals there. Reduced priced Broadway tickets can be gotten at the TKTS booth, near the bleachers at Times Square. Usually easy to spot because of the long line of people waiting outside. There’s another TKTS booth at the South Street Sea Port (a lot less crowded) and one in Brooklyn.

However, my best Broadway/Times Square experience so far was by bike. Perhaps not to be recommended, but for sure an adventure ... Times Square is at the crossing of Broadway and 7th Avenue between West 42nd street and West 47th Street. There’s a subwaystation underneath it; Times Square/42nd Street.

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