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How to choose your hotel

31 Aug 2017 by Daphne & Esther

The Newyorkcitytrippers have stayed in various hotels all over New York City. From low cost to pretty upscale and we never had a bad experience. How do you find the right place to stay during your citytrip, with so many hotels to choose from?

place to stay in New York City

Make sure that the location of the hotel matches your plans and interests. If your focus is on Brooklyn you might not want to go for a hotel somewhere uptown. Or if you're primarily focused on downtown Manhattan you may wonder whether you should opt for a hotel in Queens. Not all taxidrivers have an appetite for the ride between Manhattan - Queens. That being said, the subway takes your there in no time. And the Z-NYC Hotel has its own shuttle service to take you across the Queensboro Bridge.

Where to stay in New York City

Overall, it's very personal. In the beginning we thought "we’re only there to sleep" but as the years go by our whislist gets longer. Which subwaystations are nearby? Do we feel safe in that neighbourhood? Are there good places in the area to eat and drink something? How about shopping?

Did you already book a hotel? You'll find some more of our hotel reviews in the guide/stay section. But if you want to get an overview of all available accomodation in New York click here.

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