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Soho & Nolita

03 Jun 2015 by Esther

A must? Well, if you’re into shopping it most definitely is. But architectlovers will also like it here. In the seventies, SoHo became a landmark. The buildings with the iron stairs attached to it and the cobblestone streets give SoHo a unique identity. You can find many artgalleries in this area, not only shops.

We’ll tell you where to go. Picture the map and think you’re on Union Square (or maybe you are!), facing Broadway. From this point, take Broadway in the direction of Canal Street and zigzag through the streets you cross. Princestreet, Springstreet, Broomestreet and Grand street and do not skip the small “in between streets”. Most shops are in SoHo. Nolita, (East of Broadway) is more an atmosphere with lots of places to eat and drink. Here you walk along Mulberry street, Mott street and Elizabeth street.

Fanelli's in SoHo New York City

So, what kind of shops are in this area? Perhaps it’s better to ask which shops aren’t here. Ranging from Topshop to Uggsstore between Nike’s flagship store and Isabel Marant, there’s Stella McCartney, Victoria Secrets, little boutiques, H&M. You name it and it’s there. Make sure you check out Uniqlo. An inmense big store with lots of affordable clothing. We especially love them because of their good selection of your basic needs and sporting clothes. Also make sure to go into Dean and Deluca! And ofcourse there’s Mcnally Jackson, the bookstore that is often mentioned in magazines etc.

There are lots of little places to have a drink or get something to eat, but if you’re in the neighbourhood step into Fanelli’s at 94 Princestreet. It’s one of the oldest restaurants Manhattan and locals call it the downtown institute. A wonderful place to sit down and relax on or after a busy day. Think of beer and burgers. Or, what we had while sitting at the bar; a wonderfull chicken soup which really warmed us up good! The atmosphere is low-key and the staff is remarkable. Go and see for yourself. It’s usually overcrowded during lunch and dinnertime but with a little luck you’ll find a spot.

Fanelli's in SoHo in New York City

And then suddenly you’ve just had it. All the people, all the shops. Your jetlag is playing up and you’re just exhausted. Citytripping starts to feel more like work than pleasure. Here’s where you should then go: Broadway Nail en Spa. Daphne has some great memories of Yoyo. It’s back towards Union Square so be sure to check your map. If you’re more towards Canalstreet, you’d better take a taxi there.

SoHo ( SOouth of HOuston) is downtown Manhattan. It runs from Houstonstreet to Canal Street and between Lafayette street and the Hudson rivier. Nolita (NOrth of Little ITAly) is the area between Houston and Broome street with Lafayette en Bowery at its ends. SoHo and Nolita sort of flow into eachother and can be combined with a visit to Union Square & Flatiron District.

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