New York City Trippers

Look like a local

13 Oct 2017 by Esther

Want to look like a local? The secret is to act like one!

Here is how:

1. Carry a yogamat. Always. Everywhere. And especially on Sundays.

2. Never ever stare at someone. Keep your cool at all times. When you spot a celebrity you keep your cool. Don't ask for an autograph. Don't ask for a picture. Act like it is totally normal that you are in line behind Julianna Moore at d'Agostinos.

3. Stay away from Times Square.

4. Know how to swipe your metrocard. Make sure the black strip is facing inward and swipe it like a credit card.

5. Be obsessed about the weather. It's too hot or too cold or too rainy or too whatever.

6. When it comes to tipping, show the love. Make sure you know how and when.

7. Go for a run on Sunday morning. Go to Central Park, take the Highline, or run along The Hudson.

8. Fold your pizza.

9. This one is probably too obvious but in any case ... don't unfold your map in public. Need directions? Check your phone.

10. You get your coffee-to-go with at least one extra shot of espresso.

11. Walk your dog. Talk about your dog. Take your dog to a dogrun.

12. Keep right on the sidewalk and walk at a brisk pace. Never look up and keep on moving. No skyscrapers interest from your point of view.

13. Do not suddenly stand still on the sidewalk. Or anywhere else. You will be asked to consider brain surgery.

14. Unless uptown dress quite casual. No shorts and no running shoes for you. Flats, fancy sneakers or even your Uggs will do the trick.

15. Know how to hail a cab. And no upstreaming please.

16. In a restaurant your coat goes over your seat.

17. You're immune for the smell of garbage mixed with urine (sorry, just being totally honest with you).

18. Wear yogapants during the day without actually taking part in a yogaclass or hitting the gym.

19. You get to go to brunch every weekend.

20. Be nice. Smile often. Hold the elevator. Act polite. Help tourists. Greet the doorman. Ask everyone how they are doing. Say "have a good one!" a lot.

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